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Yearly Special Events
Our March Penrith CBD Festival, brings over 20,000 visitors and local residents to our CBD.  We create seasonal and regular events to increase visitation to the CBD to help the local economic growth.

Memory Park Activation
Regular music with lunch in the park program and regular events with community connection and business exposures.

Evening Activation
“Live and Local” entertainment in our dining precinct, street buskers & promotions.
Business Improvement Programme
Facade changes, signage upgrades, working with property & business owners to achieve short and long term outcomes for a vibrant visible improvement to the CBD.

Public Space Programme
Help improve CBD areas with a program of best practise working together with key partners for a cleaner, safer and welcoming CBD.

Environment Sustainable Programme
Identify and work strategically with PCC on future planning of a greener sustainable CBD.

Education Programme
To work with key stakeholders including BEC to offer assistance with business plans, marketing & customer service plans to improve opportunities for small business in the CBD.
CBD Business Membership Programme
Working towards better communication for all business and property owners, by creating a data base locally, and working on local knowledge to build trust and future planning to grow an active economically sound CBD. We help connect small business locally and offer membership deals including free business health check thanks to our sponsor BEC Penrith. Download membership form to join.

Re-New Project
Encouraging foot traffic and driving real change in the CBD. To work closely with property owners and the B.E.C. for small business opportunities; offering a process to implement “Pop Up” shops in empty spaces.

Welcome to Penrith CBD Programme
Create a project to offer a “Welcome Pack” for businesses opening in the CBD to enhance growth and knowledge of existing business & encourage the new business to “unlock the opportunities” available to them in our Regional City.

iPhone App for Penrith
Social media to strengthen awareness of local business will be upgraded within the next 3 months.

Penrith Cultured Art Programme
to create cultured tourism “pop up” opportunities throughout the CBD with a long term vision for a major creative public art installation to represent “Penrith is Here” programme.